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Xenotransplantation is a process in which living cells, tissues, or organs can be transplanted into the human body from another animal (which is not a human). This is a revolutionary step in the field of medical technology.

Why xenotransplantation was in the news

Some medical doctors in America have successfully transplanted a pig’s heart into a human.

What is Xenotransplant and Xenograft?

A xenotransplant is a transplant between species. Transplanted organs are called grafts, so a xenograft is an organ that is transplanted from one species to another.

How is the species selected?

To define a species as eligible it is seen whether reproduction is possible. A dog and a pig cannot mate and but can successfully produce offspring within their own species, so they are a different species and a transplant from one to the other would be called a xenotransplant.

Is xenotransplantation successful?

Currently xenografts are not very successful. However, the lack of organs has prompted continued research in this area. Thousands of people die every year due to lack of human organs.

Some way to answer the question whether a xenotransplant could ever work well. Some scientists and transplant surgeons are very optimistic that xenografts are all around to be successful, while others think xenotransplantation will never be a successful technique.

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